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Great Wall of Rescue Panels inserted into corn

Grain Rescue Panels

  • High-Quality, Lightweight Aluminum Panels

  • Easily Maneuverable for Various Rescue Situations

  • Greatly Increase the Odds of A Successful Rescue

Designed with a purpose...
To Help Save Lives

  • Adaptability: It can be used in a multitude of grain entrapment rescue scenarios.

  • Lightweight: The wall sections are easy to maneuver, making the rescue process efficient.

  • Versatility: The wall sections can be aligned to form a wall, a tube, or other irregular shapes as needed around the entrapped victim.

  • Grain Flow Control: The wall stops the flow of stored/free-flowing grain towards the victim, reducing the risk of further entrapment.

  • Pressure Blocking: The wall also blocks any additional pressure that may be created from rescuers during the rescue operation.

  • Improved Rescue Process: The wall enables rescuers to start removing the grain around the victim safely from inside the tube.

  • Increased Chances of Survival: Having The Great Wall of Rescue system readily available significantly enhances the chances of a successful grain entrapment rescue and the victim's survival.


Who are Grain Rescue Panels for?

Grain Elevator Operators  // Fire & Rescue Teams  // Grain Farmers // Seed Companies

Anyone looking to be prepared when the potential danger becomes a dreaded reality.

How Does the Great Wall of Rescue Work?

A single TuffKote Great Wall of Rescue Grain Panel



Inspect the Great Wall of Rescue panels for flaws or defects that may jeopardize performance.

A man's foot using the Step to press the Great Wall of Rescue Panels into the corn.


Inserting Panels

Use the step to press panels down, alternating across from each other. Continue pressing alternating panels into grain, one at a time, across from each other. This back and forth strategy helps the tube go in straight and even.

Simulation of grain entrapment - a simulation of a man stuck in corn


Assess the Situation

Identify obstacles, required number of panels, and locate victim extremities to prevent injuries.

JPZ Auger removing corn from inside The Great Wall of Rescue System


Bailing Grain

Continue bailing grain and pressing panels down until victim is freed. When enough grain is removed from around the victim, a step may be placed inside of the rescue tube to help a conscious victim climb out or rescuer climb in.

Great Wall of Rescue Grain Panels inserted into corn


Begin Placing Panels

Place the first panel in front of the victim, press down 12”-24” into the grain, and connect subsequent panels.

The pipe used to remove the panels from the grain after rescuing the victim.


Remove Panels

When rescue is finished, panels can be removed using removal pipe. Place pipe through handhold of one panel and use as lever to pry panels up and out of the grain. Use caution when pulling panels out to not lose footing.



A Great Wall System contains 6 (or 8) Panels, 1 Step, 1 Pipe, 4 Rescuer Platforms and 1 Carrying Case.

Additional pieces can be purchased separately. 

Add the Great Wall of Rescue to your Rescue Arsenal Today!